General contract terms

1 Parties of the contract
The parties of this contract are Prowash Oy (“Service Provider”) and the Customer (“Customer”) confirmed of the contract as described below. The customer is provided with a description of service sets, (“Service Description”, Appendix 1) attached to this contract.
The customer has accepted these general terms and conditions and service descriptions as part of the service contract that the customer has signed or approved by electronic means (the “service contract”). Service contract, service description and these general terms and conditions together form the terms and conditions of the contract between the customer and the service provider (“contract”).

2 Subject of the contract
Service provider and the customer have agreed on a car wash service (“Service”). The service point is an independent washing machine that works in partnership with Pesutili, providing washing services. The service provider acquires a washing service from the service point. The service point is responsible for the washing operation itself.
If Customer wishes to use another service provider’s non-contractual service, the customer will pay the normal price.
The service is sold for vehicle-specific use which is tied to the car registration number. The use of the service and the charge are based on the car registration number on which the customer is identified at the service point.

2.1 Ordering additional services
The customer may always attach additional services available to the contract or increase the level of service specified in the contract.

2.2. Services under trial stage
The service provider continuously develops its service. Developments include experiments and testings of different properties. The characteristics of such experimental phases are characterized by their possible termability, which may be different from the customer’s contract of the service. These services may not continue to the end of the contract made by the customer and are not the basic features of the service.
Individual services at the trial stage are not included in the basic fee, even if the services in the pilot phase may be in use of the customer. They may also be free of charge.
Additional services and service features in the trial phase are marked with a “test”-or other word indicating that the additional service or feature is in the experiment- or development phase.

3 Duration and price
The customer and the service provider agree on the duration in the contract. The contract also includes the monthly rate and level of the service.
The contract period begins with the contract signed or electronically confirmed. Corporate- and institutional customers can only order the services by signing a written contract or confirming it electronically. In sales campaigns, the terms of inception of a contract may differ from the previous one (eg the first month at a reduced price).
The contract is valid for the contracted period and is not terminable during the contract period. The customer may terminate the contract at the end of the contract period by notifying the Service Provider within 30 days before the end of the contract period. Otherwise, the contract will continue indefinitely for terms of notice of 30 days, in accordance with the price list and any other terms confirmed by the Service Provider.
If a customer orders a service using a Service Provider’s mobile application or web service or other remote sales channel, the contract is created when the customer has verified the contract and obtained the documents pursuant to Chapter 6, Section 8 of the Consumer Protection Act, and the customer has not used their 14-day cancellation right.
If the customer revokes the contract on the basis of Chapter 6 Section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act no later than 14 days, the service provider has the right to charge the car wash services used by the customer in accordance with the price list.
The service provider reserves the right to terminate the contract if the customer intentionally exploits washing services (for example, re-washing the car repeatedly) or washing repeatedly more than eight times a month.

3.1 Rights to change the price
The price of the service is defined at the time the contract is made in accordance with the current price list. The price is valid during the contract period, after which the price will be checked according to the current price lists.
The service provider has the right to add Value Added Tax in accordance with the law at the time to the VAT-free price.

3.2 Changing the car
The customer must notify the change of the registration number / change of the car during the contract period. The customer is responsible for any costs incurred by the failure to report the possible change.

4 Customer Responsibilities
The Customer agrees to act according to the instructions in the service point. The customer agrees to ensure that the service provider’s car wash system is suitable for washing the vehicle. The service provider is not liable for any damages that the customer may incur as a result of customer’s failure to comply with the Service Provider’s policies. The customer is liable for damages caused by failure to follow instructions.

5 Limitations of Liability
The parties are not liable for any indirect or consequential damages, such as loss of income or loss of income caused by possible disturbances and mistakes in the service.
The service provider has agreed with the service point that the service point handles all claims and damage claims from the washing events. The customer agrees to indicate all their claims to the service point that serves them.
The service provider has the right to make maintenances and upgrades at the service points. The service provider is not liable for any interruptions due to the maintenance or upgrading.

6 Other terms
The service provider submits written notices of the contract to the customer’s email address.
The customer gives the service provider the right to collect information about the use of the service.
Possible disputes arising out of this contract may be settled primarily in the Helsinki District Court or, alternatively, in the District Court of the customer’s domicile.

7 Content of the Service
The service provider has the unilateral right to change the content of the service description, extend and offer new service packages.


Table of contents:

1. Service overview and service options
2. Content of service options
3. Introduction of the service
4. Security
5. Availability
6. Pricing and billing
7. Security
8. Problem solving

1. Service overview 
Pesutili is a sales and marketing channel made for individual car washes, ​​which idea is always a clean car. We make car washing easy and fun. You can get started with the registry authentication using the smartphone application without codes and tokens.

2. Content of Service Options

Monthly Contracts:
24/7: Wash as often as you want in the car wash where you have the contract.
Night: Wash as often as you like during Happy Hour in the car wash where you have the contract.
One-time washing contracts: You can use all car washes in the Pesutili-network to buy one-time washes.

3. The introduction of the service
You can turn on the service by downloading and registering to a smartphone application from the application store.

4. Security
Data is stored over the Internet to an SSL-protected Pesutili-server. The server only allows access to those accounts that are in the Pesutili-service and other specified persons who need the information for their work. They have access codes and passwords. The data is technically protected by a firewall and malware.

5. Availability
Check availability at: or the Pesutili-application.

6. Pricing and billing
The prices are based on the price list of each business location. They may be amended in accordance with the terms of the contract. Service-related costs are charged once a month, unless otherwise agreed. The most detailed prices for each business location can be found on the website:

7. Security
Service transactions may be stored due to customer’s security.

8. Problem solving
The customer can report the issue directly to the service point. Contact information for the service points can be found on the website: